J. Jie Li

Solo exhibition “Behind the Appearance”, hosted by Centro Cultura Gomez Tortosa, Spain

Presentation for J. Jie Li Solo Exhibition “”Behind The Appearance”


It was 11 o’clock in the morning when the exhibition of the New York artist J. (Jie) Li was inaugurated and presented to the media. at the CULTURAL CENTER GÓMEZ TORTOSA with the title (BEHIND THE APPEARANCE). The event was attended by the artist herself, who had traveled from New York for the occasion, with the highest local authority, the Mayor of the city of Novelda, the curator of the Exhibition, Florencio López, as well as a large audience that had gathered congregated.

Jie in her works expresses the love, hate and desire in the depths of human nature by using figurative and abstract cross expressions to discuss the meaning of life and the positive and negative aspects of nature, using natural occurrences. and disasters as the symbolic meanings and highlighting the emotions and atmosphere in the paintings.

The Behind The Appearance exhibition is made up of four collections, Echoes of The Silence, Fire and Desire, Nowhere to Place and Behind The Appearance.

The main idea of her creation, her thought and cry from the depths of her soul, has been present in each of her works.

This exhibition will be open to the public until October 14th and can be visited from Monday to Saturday.

Florencio López

TV Interview for J. Jie Li Solo Exhibition “Behind The Appearance”