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New York Artist Jie Li Takes Top Award in Watercolor USA 2024

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Posted on: May 1, 2024

Nowhere to Place IX

The official press release in the link below:


Solo Exhibition ‘Behind the appearance’ hosted by the La Asunción Cultural Center, organized by the Albacete Provincial Council located in the capital of Albacete, Spain

Curetor Statement

The Asunción Cultural Center (Albacete) hosts a new exhibition “Behind the Appearance” by J. (Jie) Li, a Chinese American artist who currently resides in New York, inaugurated on January 18 before a large audience. The person in charge of opening the aforementioned event was the Provincial Deputy of Culture Miguel Zamora, together with the artist herself and Florencio López curator of the exhibition.

J. Li, who had traveled from New York for the occasion, felt very grateful for giving her the opportunity to have her work exhibited in the aforementioned wonderful place (Miguel Zamora and technician from the Provincial Service of Education and Culture). The deputy addressed some warm words “proud” to receive J. (Jie) Li in our province and “deeply” thanked her for her presence at this event.

We had the opportunity to meet J. Li in 2019 on the occasion of the V International Biennial of New Techniques, Concepts and Developments of Watercolor (Caudete), as she was a guest artist; Each of her works sent a message, thereby transmitting a sensitivity to social and environmental issues.

In her work it is common to see images of forest fires, fire, volcanic lava, mountains. Etc… In recent months she has been experimenting and placing new factors such as the human image, thereby denouncing the disasters of war, greed and displaced people.


Coinciding with the watercolor exhibition (Behind the Appearance), during the morning she gave a masterful demonstration with great work. It can be classified as a success, since 300 people were present to see her enormous talent.

The observer will not be left indifferent after contemplating these thirty-five large-format works, which will remain on display at the La Asunción Cultural Center from January 18 to February 17, 2024.

Florencio Lopez Gracia

A live demonstration of J. (Jie) Li’s watercolor techniques Jan 18, 2024, hosted by The La Asunción Cultural Center, organized by the Albacete Provincial Council, located in the capital of Albacete, Spain.

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